Media List by Language

5 Broken Cameras Israel-Palestine
500 Dunam on the Moon Israel-Palestine
A Bahraini Tale Bahrain
Abouna Chad
About Baghdad Iraq
Adrift on the Nile Egypt
Afghan Alphabet (Missing) Afghanistan
Alexandria, Why? Egypt
Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets Morocco
Arab Labor Israel-Palestine
Bab El Oued City Algeria
Beggars and Noblemen (Missing) Egypt
Beirut Diaries & 33 Days Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, Syria
Bent Familia Algeria, Tunisia
Bride Market of Imilchil, The Morocco
Budrus Israel-Palestine
Canticle of the Stone Israel-Palestine
Captain Abu Raed Jordan
Caramel Lebanon
Children of Fire Israel-Palestine
Chronicle of a Disappearance Israel-Palestine
Clash Egypt
Clash Egypt
Closed Doors, The (Al-Abwab Al-Moghlaka) Egypt
Conquest of Darkness (Qahir al-Zalam) Egypt
Divine Intervention Israel-Palestine
Door to the Sky, A Morocco
Dreams of Hind and Camelia Egypt
Dreams of Sparrows, The Iraq
Driving an Arab Street Egypt
Druze, The Lebanon
Dunia Egypt
Dupes, The Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Kuwait
English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman, The Yemen
Enough! (Barakat!) Algeria
Extras, The Syria
Fertile Memory Israel-Palestine
Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land Israel-Palestine
Four Women of Egypt Egypt
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears Israel-Palestine
Garbage Dreams Egypt
Halfouine, Boy of the Terraces France, Tunisia
Horses of God Morocco
Incendies Lebanon
Inch’Allah Dimanche Algeria
Inner Tour, The Israel-Palestine
Iraq in Fragments Iraq
Is’af Khamsa wa Khamseen (Ambulance 55) (Missing) Egypt
Jerusalem Under Siege Israel-Palestine
Jews in Many Lands: Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey Israel-Palestine, Morocco
Jihad for Love, A
Job (Ayoub) Egypt
L’enfant Endormi Morocco
Laila’s Birthday (Eid Milad Laila) Israel-Palestine
Land, The (Al-Ard) Egypt
Le Grand Voyage France, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
Lebanese Political Parties: Hezbollah (Missing) Lebanon
Lebanese Political Parties: The Amal Movement (Missing) Lebanon
Lebanese Political Parties: The Kataeb Party (Missing) Lebanon
Lebanese Political Parties: The Lebanese Forces (Missing) Lebanon
Lebanese Political Parties: The Progressive Socialist Party (Missing) Lebanon
Lebanese Political Parties: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party (Missing) Lebanon
Lembi Egypt
Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara Morocco, USA
Man in Our House, A Egypt
Man of Ashes Tunisia
Married Couples, The (Al-Motazawegoon) Egypt
Masquerades Algeria
Milky Way, The Israel-Palestine
Mountain, The Israel-Palestine
My Fair Lady (Sayyadati al-Gamila) Egypt
Night of the Jackal (Layali Ibn Awa) Syria
Omar Israel-Palestine
Omar Gatlato Algeria
On Boys, Girls, and the Veil Egypt
Other, The Egypt
Paradise Now Israel-Palestine
Private Israel-Palestine
Qarantina Iraq
Rachida Algeria
Rana’s Wedding Israel-Palestine
Return to the Land of Wonders Iraq
Salah Al-Din (Saladin) Egypt, Israel-Palestine
Samt (Silence) Jordan
Satin Rouge Tunisia
Silences of the Palace Tunisia
Summer In La Goulette, A France, Tunisia
Syrian Bride, The Israel-Palestine, Syria
Tale of the Three Jewels (Hikayat Al-Jawahir Thalath) Israel-Palestine
Timbuktu Greece
Turtles Can Fly Iraq
Under the Bombs Israel-Palestine, Lebanon
Until When... Israel-Palestine
Veiled Revolution, A Egypt
Virgin Diaries, The Morocco
Wadjda Saudi Arabia
Wall (Mur) Israel-Palestine
We Are God’s Soldiers Israel-Palestine
West Beirut Lebanon
When I Saw You Israel-Palestine, Jordan
Where Do We Go Now? Lebanon
Wild Flowers (Zahrat al-Kundoul): Women of South Lebanon Lebanon
Witness Who Saw Nothing, The (Shahid Ma Shafsh Haga) Egypt
Women in Islam (Makana Al-Mara’a fii Al-Islam) Egypt, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA
Write Down, I am an Arab Israel-Palestine
Yacoubian Building, The Egypt
Clay Bird, The Bangladesh, Pakistan
1913 Seeds of Conflict Israel-Palestine
50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
About the Jews of Yemen: A Vanishing Culture Yemen
ADC 11th National Convention: Toujan Al-Faisal USA
Adliye: The Ethnography of a Turkish Law Court Turkey
Afghanistan Faces of Change: 3 Afghan Women Afghanistan
Afghanistan Faces of Change: 5 Wheat Cycle Afghanistan
Afghanistan Revealed: The Unknown Story of a Land Afghanistan
Afghanistan: The Unconquered Spirit Afghanistan
Afro-Iranian Lives Iran
Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe, 1948 Israel-Palestine
American Muslim Teens Talk USA
Amreeka Israel-Palestine, USA
Ancient and Modern: The Fall and Rise of the Middle East MENA Region
Ancient Nubia: Egypt’s Rival in Africa Egypt, Sudan-Nubia
Arab and Jew, Return to the Promised Land Israel-Palestine
Arab Gulf States, The Kuwait, Oman, UAE
Arab Stereotypes: 1 RKO’s Aesop’s Fables: Gypped in Egypt Egypt
Arab Stereotypes: 3 George Melies: Palace of the Arabian Nights MENA Region
Arab Women at Work MENA Region
Arabia: The Quest from the Past Saudi Arabia
Arabs in America USA
Arabs, Muslims, and Islam MENA Region
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 1 - The Making of the Arabs Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 2 - Between Two Worlds Morocco
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 3 - Cairo: The City Victorious? Egypt
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 4 - The Power of the Word Lebanon, Syria, Yemen
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 5 - New Knowledge for Old Egypt, Kuwait
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 6 - Ways of Faith Sudan-Nubia
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 7 - Shadow of the West Israel-Palestine, Lebanon
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 8 - Building a Nation Algeria
Arabs, The - A Living History, Part 9 - Family Ties Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia
Aramco at Fifty Saudi Arabia
Armenian Genocide, The Armenia, Turkey
Armenians: A Story of Survival, The Armenia
Art and the Islamic World MENA Region
Art of the Book: Persian Miniatures from the Shahnameh Iran
Artology USA
Atatürk Turkey
Bahrain: Gateway to the Gulf Bahrain
Bahrain: The Pearl of the Arabian Gulf Bahrain
Bam 6.6: Humanity Has No Borders Iran
Band’s Visit, The Egypt, Israel-Palestine
Behind Taliban Lines Pakistan
Being Osama Iraq
Benaat Chicago (Daughters of Chicago) USA
Benaat Chicago (Daughters of Chicago): Growing Up Arab and Female in Chicago
Breaking Bread Iran, USA
Brothers and Others USA
Cairo: 1001 Years of Art and Architecture Egypt
Celebrating the Prophet in the Remembrance of God: Sufi Dhikr in Egypt Egypt
Century of Stereotypes: Depicting Arabs MENA Region
Challenge, The Saudi Arabia
Circle within the Square Turkey
Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain Spain
CNN: The Oslo Accords Israel-Palestine
Control Room Iraq
Crusades, The MENA Region
Crusades: Crescent & the Cross, The (Missing) Israel-Palestine
Dances of Egypt Egypt
Dark Holiday Turkey
Death of a Princess Saudi Arabia
Dervishes: Lovers of God MENA Region
Dream of Justice and Freedom, A Israel-Palestine
Egypt in Crisis: The Inside Story of a Revolution Gone Wrong Egypt
Egyptian Peaks Egypt
Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs Israel-Palestine
Embracing Their Origins, Sharing Their Stories USA
Empty Quarter Oman, Saudi Arabia
Everything Under the Sun: Astronomy, Mathematics, and Islam MENA Region
Exclusive to Al-Jazeera: Media and Democracy in the Middle East Iraq, Qatar, USA
Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East, Part 1 Iran, MENA Region
Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East, Part 2 Israel-Palestine, MENA Region, Saudi Arabia, USA
Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East, Part 3 Iraq, Kurdistan, USA
Fight For Yemen, The Yemen
Five Pillars of Islam MENA Region
Folk Music of Libya Libya
For Those Who Sail to Heaven Egypt
Forces of Change: Artists of the Arab World Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, MENA Region, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria
Frame By Frame Afghanistan
Frontline: Journey to the Occupied Lands Israel-Palestine
Gender in Judaism and Islam MENA Region, USA
Generation Kill Iraq
Geometry, Symmetry, Order - Islamic Patterns in Persian Tradition Iran
Glories of Islamic Art, The: Part 1 The Umayyads and Their Capital Damascus Israel-Palestine, Syria
Glories of Islamic Art, The: Part 2 Two Islamic Regimes in Cairo Egypt
Glories of Islamic Art, The: Part 3 The Ottomans and Their Capital Istanbul Turkey
Golda, A Women Called Israel-Palestine
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds Kurdistan, Turkey
Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life Iran
Green Prince, The Israel-Palestine
Ground Truth, The Iraq, USA
Hajj, The Kurdistan, Turkey
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire USA
I Exist USA
If You Make it Possible Israel-Palestine
Images of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
In My own Skin: The Complexity of Living as an Arab in America USA
In Tahrir Sqaure: 18 Days of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution Egypt
In This World Afghanistan, France, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, United Kingdom
Inner Life MENA Region
Inside Islam: Part 1: The Koran, The Sound that Calls Allah Iran, Lebanon, Turkey
Inside Islam: Part 2: Blue Islam on the Silk Road Central Asia
Inside Islam: Part 3: Winds of Change and Chador MENA Region
Inside Islam: Part 4: Scent of Medieval Islam, Fez Morocco
Inside Islam: Part 5: Light of Allah Shining Throughout Europe, Andalucia Morocco, Spain
Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria
Intifada: The Palestinians and Israel, The Israel-Palestine
Introduction to the Arab World MENA Region
Iran: Past, Present, and Future Iran
Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers Iraq
Iraqi Women: Voices from Exile Iraq
Isfahan of Shah Abbas (Missing) Iran
Islam 600-1200 MENA Region
Islam in America USA
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 1: Islam, Asia, and Modernity MENA Region
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 2: Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in Asian Muslim Societies MENA Region
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 3: Islamic Arts and National Culture MENA Region
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 4: The Crisis of Masculine Identities in Post Soviet and Post 9-11 Muslim Asia MENA Region
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 5: Education and Islamic Legal Subjects in Asia MENA Region
Islam, Asia, and Modernity: Part 6: Asian Islam and the Politics of Knowledge MENA Region
Islam: A Pictorial Essay MENA Region
Islam: Empire of Faith MENA Region
Islamic Knowledge MENA Region
Islamic Science and Technology MENA Region
Israel: Birth of a Nation Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem 1948 (Yoom Ilak, Yoom Aleik) Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem Center of the World Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem, Gates to the City Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem, The Holy City: 1 A Collage of Sacred and Secular History Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem, The Holy City: 2 Jerusalem and the Jewish Tradition Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem, The Holy City: 3 Jerusalem and the Christian Tradition Israel-Palestine
Jerusalem, The Holy City: 4 Jerusalem and the Muslim Tradition Israel-Palestine
Jewish People: A Story of Survival Israel-Palestine
Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta Saudi Arabia
Keepers of the Faith: The Jews of Jerba Tunisia
Kite Runner, The Afghanistan
Knowledge of the World MENA Region
Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World Turkey, United Kingdom
Lawrence of Arabia
Leader and the Nation, The Saudi Arabia
Letter from Morocco Morocco
Letter, The: An American Town and “The Somali Invasion” Somalia, USA
Life of Muhammad, The Saudi Arabia
Lion of the Desert Egypt, Italy, Libya
Living Islam, Volume 1: Foundations MENA Region
Living Islam, Volume 2: The Challenge of the Past MENA Region
Living Islam, Volume 3: Struggling with Modernity MENA Region
Living Islam, Volume 4: Paradise at the Feet of the Mother Egypt, Indonesia, Iran
Living Islam, Volume 6: The Last Crusade MENA Region
Lost Boys of Sudan Sudan-Nubia
Lost Treasures of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Mahmoud Darwich: As the Land is the Language France, Israel-Palestine
Man and Nature MENA Region
Maryam Iran, USA
Master Musicians of Jajouka Morocco
Merchant of Art Egypt
Message, The: The Story of Islam Saudi Arabia
Middle East, The: Beyond the Headlines Lies Understanding MENA Region
Middle East: The Birth of Nations Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
MIDEAST (series #1-5) MENA Region
Mirror of Kings: Tales from the Kalila Wa Dimna Egypt, MENA Region
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet MENA Region, Saudi Arabia
Mum, I’m a Muslim United Kingdom
Musical Instruments of the Arab World MENA Region
Muslims: An In-Depth Look at What It Means to Be A Muslim in the 21st Century (Frontline) (Missing) MENA Region, USA
My Country, My Country Iraq
Naguib Mahfouz: The Passage of the Century Egypt
Naji al-Ali: An Artist with a Vision Israel-Palestine, United Kingdom
Nazrah: A Musilm Woman’s Perspective USA
Neve Shalom (Wahat al-Salaam) Israel-Palestine
New Day in Old Sana’a, A United Kingdom, Yemen
Nomads and the City MENA Region, Morocco, Yemen
On Orientalism MENA Region
On the Road to Damascus Syria
Orient/Occident MENA Region
Ottoman Empire 1280-1683 Turkey
Out of Cordoba: Averroes and Maimonides in Their Time and Ours
Ovissi - Iranian Painter in the U.S. Iran, USA
Pakistan: Living with Geography Pakistan
Palestinian National Costumes: Preserving the Legacy Israel-Palestine
Pattern of Beauty, The India, Iran, MENA Region, Turkey
Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land: US Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Israel-Palestine
Peacemakers: Palestinians and Jews Together at Camp Israel-Palestine, USA
People of the Wind Iran
Pilgrimage to Mecca Saudi Arabia
Price of Change Egypt
Rare Glimpses: Dances from the Middle East, Part 1 Lebanon, Morocco, USA
Retracing History: The Sindbad Voyage MENA Region
Revisiting Turkey’s Jews Turkey
Revolution in Cairo Egypt
Rise of ISIS, The Iraq, Syria
Rivers of Fire Iraq, Syria, Turkey
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Road to 9/11, The Afghanistan, Iraq
Road to Hell: Kanan Makiya Iraq
Rumi: The Wings of Love Egypt, Turkey
Rush to War: Between Iraq and a Hard Place Iraq
Saints and Spirits Morocco
Santa Claus in Baghdad Iraq
Saudi Antiquities Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia ’84 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia ’94 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia -- A Child’s Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: 1: A Country in Motion Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: 2: Historical Highlights Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: 3: Religion and Values Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: 4: Women and the Family Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: 5: Political Perspectives Saudi Arabia
Secrets of Jerusalem’s Holiest Sites (Missing) Israel-Palestine
Secrets of the Human Body: Islam’s Contributions to Medicine (Missing) MENA Region
Sects and Violence: Fragmentation within Religions Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, MENA Region
Secularism: The Turkish Experience (Missing) Turkey
Seeds of Peace Israel-Palestine, USA
Selves and Others: A Portrait of Edward Said Israel-Palestine, MENA Region, USA
Seven Wonders of the Muslim World Iran, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey
Shadows of Turkey and the Witches Turkey
Shadya Israel-Palestine
Shalom of Safed Israel-Palestine
Shape of the Future, The (Ru’iya Lil-Mustaqbal) Israel-Palestine
Sinbad Collection, Part 1: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad MENA Region
Sindbad Collection, Part 2: The Golden Voyage of Sindbad MENA Region
Sindbad Collection, Part 3: Sindbad and the Eye of the Tiger MENA Region
Six Days in June: The War that Redefined the Middle East Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Syria
Square, The Egypt
Stones of Eden, The Afghanistan
Stoning of Soraya M., The Iran
Story of Islam, The MENA Region
Studying Literacy in Morocco Morocco
Suleyman the Magnificent Turkey
Suspended Dreams Lebanon
Syria: Life on Both Sides of a Sectarian War Syria
Tales from Arab Detroit USA
Tales from the Book of Kings: The Houghton Shahnameh Iran
Taste the Revolution Israel-Palestine
Taziyeh: An Introduction Iran
Tea on the Axis of Evil Syria
Team for Peace, A Israel-Palestine
Threads of Time Morocco
Tickling Giants Egypt
Trees Cry for Rain: A Sephardic Journey Spain, Turkey, USA
Truth, Lies, and Intelligence Iraq, USA
Turkey’s Sephardim: 500 Years Turkey
Turkish Traditional Art Today Turkey
Umm Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt Egypt
Uncovered: The War on Iraq Iraq, USA
Unity MENA Region, Saudi Arabia
Veiled Voices Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, USA
Walk on Water (Lelekhet ’al ha-mayim) Germany, Israel-Palestine
War Generation Beirut Lebanon
We Beat the Rats! Egypt
West Bank Story Israel-Palestine
Why We Fight Iraq, MENA Region, USA
Will the Nile war Take Place? Egypt, Sudan-Nubia
Women under Siege Israel-Palestine, Lebanon
Wonder of Israel, The Israel-Palestine
Yemen: Land of the Queen Sheba Yemen
Young Voices from the Arab World Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, MENA Region, Morocco
A Time for Drunken Horses (Missing) Iran, Iraq
About 111 Girls Iran
About Elly Iran
Afghanistan Faces of Change: 1 Afghan Nomads: The Maldar Afghanistan
Afghanistan Faces of Change: 2 An Afghan Village Afghanistan
Afghanistan Faces of Change: 4 Naim and Jabar Afghanistan
Apple Iran
Bab’Aziz Iran, Tunisia
Baran Iran
Bashu, The Little Stranger Iran
Border Cafe France, Iran, Turkey
Cafe Setareh Iran
Ceasefire Iran
Children of Heaven Iran
Circle, The Iran
Circumstance Iran
Close Up Iran
Color of Paradise Iran
Crimson Gold Iran
Cycle, The (Daireh-i-Mana) Iran
Cyclist, The Afghanistan, Iran
Day Break Iran
Day I Became a Woman, The Iran
Deserted Station Iran
Divorce Iranian Style Iran
Fifth Reaction, The Iran
Fireworks Wednesday Iran
Gabbeh Iran
Girl in the Sneakers, The Iran
Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, A Iran
Glass House, The Iran
Hamoun Iran
Hemlock (Shokaran) Iran
House, is Black, Thebf Iran
Iron Island Iran
Jews of Iran Iran
Joy of Madness Afghanistan
Kandahar Afghanistan
Kandahar: Journey into the Heart of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Key, The Iran
Legend of a Sigh, The (Afsane-ye Ah) Iran
Leila Iran
Life and Nothing More (Zendegi va Digar Hich) Iran
Lizard, The (Marmoulak) Iran
Lover’s Wind: An Iranian Tale Iran
Low Heights Iran
May Lady, The Iran
Mirror, The Iran
Modest Reception Iran
Moment of Innocence, A Iran
Mourning Iran
My Tehran For Sale Iran
Nargess Iran
Need, The (Niaz) Iran
No One Knows About Persian Cats Iran
Offside Iran
Patience Stone, The Afghanistan
Peddler, The Iran
Persian Music and Poetry - Mohammad Reza Shajerian in Concert Iran
Persian News: May 11 Iran
Runner, The Iran
Salesman, The Iran
Santouri (The Music Man) Iran
Secret Ballot (Missing) Iran
Separation, A Iran
Shahrbanoo France, Iran
Shirin Iran
Shirin Ebadi: A Simple Lawyer Iran
Silence, The Iran
Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine Iran
Song of Sparrows, The Iran
Street Life in Tehran: Three Film Shorts Iran
Taste of Cherry (Taam Gilas) Iran
Taxi Iran
Tehran Has No More Pomegranates! Iran
Ten Iran
Tenants, The (Ejare Neshinha) Iran
The Cow Iran
The Silence Iran
The Skin That Burns: Surviving Chemical Warfare Iran
The Skin That Burns: Surviving Chemical Warfare Iran
Two Women Iran
Under the Moonlight Iran
Under the Skin of the City Iran
Water, Wind and Dust (Ab, Bad, Khak) Iran
Where is the Friend’s Home? Iran
White Balloon, The Iran
Willow Tree, The Iran
Wind Will Carry Us, The Iran
Women Without Men Iran
Women’s Prison Iran
Battle of Algiers, The Algeria
Casanegra Morocco
Days of Glory (Indigenes) MENA Region
El Gusto Algeria
Hyenas Under the Sun (Soleil des Hyenes) Tunisia
Justice A Agadez
Omar M’atuer Morocco
Other Son, The Israel-Palestine
Past, The France, Iran
Persepolis Iran
Road to Love, The (Tarik Al-Hob) France, Morocco
Seekers of Oblivion (Ala Khoutta Al-Nessyan) (Missing) MENA Region
Head-On Germany, Turkey
Sweet Mud - Im Himmel gefangen
5 Broken Cameras Israel-Palestine
A Tale of Love and Darkness Israel-Palestine
Ajami Israel-Palestine
Aliya’s Summer
Amazing Grace Israel-Palestine
Atalia: War Widow Israel-Palestine
Aviya’s Summer
Berlin Jerusalem Germany, Israel-Palestine
Bonjour Monsieur Schlomi Israel-Palestine
Bottle in the Gaza Sea, A France, Israel-Palestine
Broken Wings Israel-Palestine
Checkpoint Israel-Palestine
Close to Home Israel-Palestine
Devarim // Yom Yom Israel-Palestine
Echoes of Conflict Israel-Palestine
Encounter Point Israel-Palestine
Flying Camel, The Israel-Palestine
Footnote Israel-Palestine
Forget Baghdad Iraq, Israel-Palestine
Gett Israel-Palestine
Hamsin Israel-Palestine
Jaffa Israel-Palestine
James’ Journey to Jerusalem Israel-Palestine
Kadosh Israel-Palestine
Kedma Israel-Palestine
Kippur Israel-Palestine
Late Marriage Israel-Palestine
Late Summer Blues Israel-Palestine
Lemon Tree Israel-Palestine
My Michael Israel-Palestine
Nina’s Tragedies Israel-Palestine
Noa at 17 Israel-Palestine
Or (My Treasure) Israel-Palestine
Promised Land Israel-Palestine
Raging Dove Israel-Palestine
Siege Israel-Palestine
The Gatekeepers Israel-Palestine
Time of Favor Israel-Palestine
Under the Domin Tree
Under the Domin Tree
Ushpizin (Guests) Israel-Palestine
Waltz With Bashir Israel-Palestine, Lebanon
Wedding in Galilee Israel-Palestine
Women’s Balcony, The (Missing) Israel-Palestine
Wooden Gun, The Israel-Palestine
Yana’s Friends Israel-Palestine
Yellow Asphalt Israel-Palestine
Yossi & Jagger Israel-Palestine
Zero Motivation Israel-Palestine
Final Solution India
Before Your Eyes Turkey
Blackboards Iran, Kurdistan
Half Moon Iran, Iraq
Kilometre Zero France, Iraq
Marooned in Iraq Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan
Turtles Can Fly France, Iran, Iraq
Vodka Lemon Armenia
Osama Afghanistan
Women of Islam: Veiling and Seclusion Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, USA