Revisiting Turkey’s Jews



Directed by: Laurence Salzmann

Through the last half of the 1980s, Laurence Salzmann, accompanied by his wife Ayse Gursan-Salzmann, made many trips to discover and records the Jewish past in Turkey. While doing so, they also documented what was then the present people and state of many regions.  

Over twenty years later they have finished "Travels in Search of Turkey's Jews," a documentation of the people they visited and the places they saw. Upon its release in 2011, the couple returned to Turkey to promote this invaluable archive of Turkish-Jewish heritage.

While there, they visited artist Habib Gerez, Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva, Restorationist Sarah Pardo, and some of the very people they had met before, all the while taking in the wonderful culture of Ayse's homeland. This DVD, with the four films contained on it, is the record of their journey and the people they visited in 2011.