Past Events


The Changing Middle East: International Implications and Prospects for Regional Stability

Special Event with TRENDS Research & Advisory, UAE
Sep 21, 2022 at -


Inflation and the Independence of the Turkish Central Bank Since 1923

Bulent Gultekin, Wharton Associate Professor of Finance
Sep 15, 2022 at -

Join Wharton Associate Professor of Finance, Bulent Gultekin, as he gives us an account of the recurring economic crises in Turkey during the republic period and the background policies that lead to those interruptions.

A Conversation with Suad Amiry

Suad Amiry, Palestinian Novelist, Essayist, and Architect with moderator Professor Huda Fakhreddine
Sep 13, 2022 at -

Join the Middle East Center as we welcome Suad Amiry, Palestinian novelist, essayist, and architect, as she discusses her new novel Mother of Strangers with Professor Huda Fakhreddine. Set in Jaffa in 1947-51, this…

Trauma and Resilience: Mental Health in the Middle East

Devin Atallah, Orkideh Behrouzan, Keren Friedman-Peleg, and moderator Behdad Bozorgnia
May 4, 2022 at

Join us for a panel discussion on issues of mental health, trauma, and resilience in the Middle East.REGISTRATION REQUIRED, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Revolutionary Religion: Youth and Islam in Post-2011 Egypt

Nareman Amin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy, University of Pennsylvania
Apr 20, 2022 at

This talk explores what became of young Muslim Egyptians' faith and practice in the wake of the defeated 2011 uprising. What was once a moment of national unity and euphoria quickly turned into a dire political…

Theorizing Political Violence: Banu Bargu and Murad Idris

"Social Change and the Global Middle East" Series with the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy
Banu Bargu, Murad Idris, and moderator Roxanne Euben
Apr 14, 2022 at -


The Limits of US Influence: Evolution of American Intervention in Syria

Sara Plana, Postdoctoral Fellow at Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania
Apr 13, 2022 at

CLICK HERE FOR ZOOM LINK | Passcode: 329237 Sara Plana will present findings from her book project on how the US attempted to control armed groups in Syria. Leveraging new evidence, including interviews with American…

Was the Arab Spring a Failure? Notes from Movements and Non-movements on the Ground

Asef Bayat, Nermin Allam, and moderator Nareman Amin
Apr 7, 2022 at -


Change and the Guard: New Work on Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps

Maryam Alemzadeh and Annie Tracy Samuel, moderated by John Ghazvinian
Apr 5, 2022 at

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), a revolutionary militia founded in the early days after the 1979 revolution in Iran, underwent bureaucratization soon after the Iran-Iraq war started in 1980, eventually…

Governance: Noura Erakat and Lisa Anderson

"Social Change and the Global Middle East" Series with the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy
Noura Erakat, Lisa Anderson, and moderator Hocine Fetni
Mar 31, 2022 at -