About the Middle East Center at Penn

At the Middle East Center we recognize our privileged position as a meeting point of different disciplines, departments, and constituents, which allows us to facilitate learning and research opportunities. Our mission consists of three general areas:

  • Academic: Major/minor in Modern Middle Eastern Studies; Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships; grants and workshops for faculty and graduate students
  • Public Engagement: More than 100 events a year - lectures, workshops, cultural programs, etc - all open to the public 
  • Community and K-12 Outreach: Teacher training workshops; programming with community colleges and minority-serving institutions; availability of speakers for classrooms; and more

In light of the rapidly changing events in the Middle East, our faculty and staff have been active in briefing the media and American public on Middle East affairs. These efforts have included radio, television, and print interviews, in which they share their expertise on Islam, the region's history, economies, and politics.

The Middle East Center is non-partisan and takes no official political position on any issues. Instead, it is a hub for nurturing research, teaching, and an appreciation of things Middle Eastern. It draws on the extensive resources that Penn has dedicated to the region.

MEC group pic