(105 minutes) The film begins by showing a married couple Sayeh (Mahnaz Afshar) and her husband, Yousef (Mohammad Reza Golzar) who are both stubborn and spend a lot of their time trying to top the others latest outrageous adventure at getting even. Scene after scene we watch the quarreling couple play childish pranks on each other. The movie goes on with showing that Sayeh wants to seek divorce, but by mistake knocks on the door of a psychiatrist (Attila Pesyani) instead of a lawyer. She is soon discovered in the psychiatrist’s office by her husband, Yousef. The psychiatrist informs both that their problem is that they are not behaving maturely, so that they need to live apart from each other for a week. In a week they come back to the psychiatrist, and he tells them that they are trying to act out their “inner child.” He suggests that they need to talk with their inner child. They come back and see the psychiatrist who realizes that they have overcome their difficulties and coped with their “inner child."The couple change their minds about getting a divorce.