Women of Islam: Veiling and Seclusion



Directed by: Farheen Umar

(50 mins) During the times of conflict with Islamic regimes, such as the recent war in Afghanistan, Western journalists and politicians tend to use the burqa (or veil) worn by some Muslim women as a symbol of oppression. They seem to suggest that, once these women have been freed from oppressive Islamic rule, they will immediately cast off their veils and rejoice in wearing the latest fashions of the West. In reality, however, this has not been the case. Director Farheen Umar travels throughout the Middle East and the USA to talk with Muslim women and challenge the assumptions about the practice of wearing veils. This documentary explores the origins of these stereotypes and confronts misconceptions about the tradition of covering in Muslim society.

In Urdu, Farsi, and Dari with English subtitles.