Rush to War: Between Iraq and a Hard Place



Directed by: Robert Taicher

(86 mins) Written, produced and directed by Robert Taicher and winner of the 2005 Audience Choice Award for Favorite Documentary at the East Lansing Film Festival, Rush to War is an historical documentary that examines the issues surrounding the September 11th attacks and American foreign policy. Following the invasion of Afghanistan and the Administration’s un-anticipated war with Iraq, Taicher interviewed a number of government officials, foreign policy experts, and journalists, including Senator George McGovern; former Chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, General Anthony Zinni;  authors and academics Mark Danner, Rashid Khalidi, Zia Mian, Samantha Power, and Howard Zinni. Includes commentary from Noam Chomsky, Richard Clarke and Thomas Friedman. Among the issues explored are: the Cold War and CIA interventions from the 1950s-70s, America’s involvement with the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union, and the US’s two wars with Iraq, with particular emphasis on the current administration’s policies and actions in the war on terror, including the Patriot Act at home and torture abroad, and its consequences for global security in the 21st century.