Lebanese Political Parties: The Amal Movement (Missing)



Directed by: Farid Assaf

(180 mins) The Amal (Hope) Movement is the popular name for the Shiite political party otherwise know as “The Movement of the Disinherited.” Founded in 1973 by Shiite cleric Mousa El-Sadr, the party draws its initial political strength through its close ties with Iran. Amal evolved into a militia during the Lebanese Civil War, achieving national credibility during the reconciliation conferences in Geneva and Lausanne. The Amal Movement now holds a significant number of parliamentary seats, due largely to the number of people it represents and its successful resistance to the Israeli occupation of the south. This is part of a series documenting six of Lebanon’s most influential and significant political parties, providing a comprehensive historical context for the parties, their founders, and members.

In Arabic with English subtitles.