Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East, Part 3



Directed by: Landmark Media

(52 mins) A documentary focusing on the two recent wars in Iraq, and how they relate to the fight for oil in the 20th and 21st centuries. Oil equals power in the modern world, and we see how acts of terrorism in recent years, such as the attacks of September 11 2001, have affected the global oil market. We learn how Saddam Hussein's fall from power had long reaching consequences, and how the sale of oil has often been beset by corruption. The plight of the Kurds is also explored with a look at how the cost of oil affects them in their daily life with comments from Abdulrahman Mustafa, the Kurdish mayor of Kirkuk, in Iraq. This is part 3 of 3 of a series focusing on the history of oil and the conflicts it has caused, many of which continue today. (Note: contains graphic images of famine.)