Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine



Directed by: Bahman Farjami

(93 mins) In this audacious black comedy, Bahman Farjami, a filmmaker who has not directed for twenty years due to censorship, experiences a strange set of coincidences that convince him that the Angel of Death must be near. As a means of confronting his fears, he decides to make a film about his own funeral. As he researches the funeral, rites of his country and culture, Farjami glimpses a side of Iranian society which he was not aware of. In the midst of this, his view is shaded by his own mounting family problems. Through a series of fiascos leading to a comic and cathartic roller-coaster ride that culminates in a Fellini-esque dream so intense that it may lead to his actual death.

In Farsi with English subtitles.