Lover’s Wind: An Iranian Tale



Directed by: Albert Lamorisse

(85 mins) This film by the National Film Center is based on a story by Albert La Morisse. It is a delightful aerial tour of the Iranian countryside through the eyes and words of "a wind". This little wind (who later becomes "the lovers wind") has a bad relative who drives him to join other winds to travel around Iran. They visit Isfahan and see wind towers. Then they go to Susa, which represents all cities destroyed by wind and repopulated by nomads, wanderers like the wind. Then it is on to Persepolis, Mashhad, Qom, the unpopulated city deserts, Zoroastrian towers of silence, the Persian Gulf, oil refineries, Mount Damaviand, Tehran, Caspian provinces, and the Turkmen area in the northeast of Iran. There are wonderful views of the antelope, onager, wild sheep and fox. The film has an excellent soundtrack of Iranian instruments and song.

In Farsi with English subtitles.