Walk on Water (Lelekhet ’al ha-mayim)



Directed by: Eytan Fox

(103 mins) This enthralling awardwinning film explores the motives, strengths, and ultimately, the humanity of an Israeli assassin sent to rectify a wrong committed five decades earlier. Eyal is a top assassin in the Israeli secret service. He has killed terrorists before, but this time he is sent to eliminate an aging former Nazi war criminal. During his mission, Eyal meets his target's granddaughter and grandson, who inadvertently help him uncover his own troubled history and face his demons, while they discover the ugly truth their family has hidden from them for decades. What began as a straightforward mission, has suddenly escalated in intensity and complexity - thrusting three very different people into a thrilling triangle of murder, friendship and fate.

In English, Hebrew, and German with English subtitles.