Lizard, The (Marmoulak)



Directed by: Kamal Tabrizi

(117 mins) Marmoulak (The Lizard) touches a nerve like no Iranian film has done before. Marmoulak is a compelling tale of a theif, whom in his quest to escape from prison, discovers that it's the actions of a man that's important and not his garb, and that even a thief can inspire people to do good for their fellow man. Reza Marmoulak is a thief who is convicted for armed robbery and sentenced to life in prison. Due to an injury Marmoulak is placed in a hospital room with a cleric, whose garb he steals to wear as a disguise in order to escape his life in prison. The movie is a touching story on the occurences that take place during the course of Marmoulak's adventures as an imposter, and the important lessons of life that he indirectly instills in all of us.

In Farsi with English subtitles.