Fertile Memory



Directed by: Michel Kleifi

(99 mins) The first full-length film to be shot within the Palestinian West Bank Green Line, the film blends both documentary and narrative elements. A portrait of two Palestinian women whose individual struggles both define and transcend the politics that have torn apart their homes and lives. Grandmother Romia fights an unending legal battle with the Zionist authorities who confiscated her ancestral land in 1947. Sahar Khalifeh, a divorced novelist and young mother living in the West Bank, struggles to maintain a modern role for herself within the increasingly intolerant occupation community. Representing both contemporary Arab womanhood and vanguard Palestinian conscience, Sahar must balance the changes in her world after the Six Day War with the changes in herself since achieving personal emancipation. Fertile Memory is the feature debut of acclaimed director Khleifi whose Wedding in Galilee was a triumph of the Cannes Film Festival.

In Arabic with English subtitles.