Dream of Justice and Freedom, A



Directed by: Christopher Swann

(52 mins) Framed by the story of Hanan Ashrawi a former spokesperson for the PLO and key delegate on the 1991 Madrid negotiating team, this is a fascinating Palestinian narrative of contemporary "peace issues" that began decades ago. With archival footage and interviews with major Palestinian and some Israeli political figures, this video offers a history of Palestinians' efforts - the sidewalk news conference in Madrid, the "Palestinian Speech" - to be recognized as a people with legitimate rights and interests. This discussion is enriched throughout by early footage of and interviews with Ashrawi from her student days at the American University of Beirut; her term as dean at Birzeit University; and in her current role as founder of the watchdog group, the Commission for Citizens' Rights. A way to understand a part of Palestinian history through the work of one of its major women leaders.