About 111 Girls



(79 minutes) In a far-off corner of Iranian Kurdistan, 111 village women are hopeless about their situation: growing old in this isolated region, they still remain single. Their fathers and brothers having died or disappeared, suitable men have become hard, if not impossible, to come by. Their future looks bleak. They write a collective plea calling on the President to help them. Otherwise, they announce, in exactly four days they will all jump off a cliff to their deaths. Under the president's order, special investigator Donyadide sets out on a journey with Shirkou, the local little boy. Their subsequent journey from Tehran to Shirkou's small village in Kurdistan captures the story of one Kurd and one Farsi, one Sunni Muslim and one Shia Muslim, as they attempt their unusual mission. Through their strange yet endearing expedition, their differences of attitudes and ways of life become apparent. Both comical and satirical, the next four days of their trip become an awakening for the government official.Their mission: to save the 111 Kurdish girls.