Abdulrahman Bindamnan

M.S.Ed. International Educational Development

Abdulrahman Bindamnan’s academic work focuses on examining how Islamic intellectuals have engaged with, and responded to, Western modernity. He received two courses of education, one traditional (in Arabic) and one secular (in English). Bindamnan was first educated in Islamic schools studying  Arabic and Islamic literature, after which he completed dual bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies at the University of Miami. Bindamnan is currently completing a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on the concept of development from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

In addition to his research fields of interest, Bindamnan has experience tutoring Arabic to non-native Arab speakers and English to non-native English speakers. A fully bilingual and writer in Arabic and English, he enjoys teaching Arabic and English to students, an experience that led to an interest in researching the affordances and constraints of bilingualism.


M.S.Ed., International Educational Development Program, University of Pennsylvania (2021)

B.A., Psychology and Religious Studies, University of Miami (2020)

Research Interests

Religion and Science 

Islamic Studies 

Islam and Modernity 

Islamic Intellectual History 

Language Acquisition (Arabic and English)

Academic and Professional Writing