Abdulrahman Bindamnan

Master of Science in Education

Abdulrahman Bindamnan is a Ph.D. student at the University of ‎Minnesota and an ICGC scholar at the Interdisciplinary Center for ‎Global Change. He achieved an MSEd from the University of ‎Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and a BA from the ‎University of Miami. His research area of interest investigates a number of cognate, interdisciplinary topics: multilingual writers; Islam and ‎modernity; international and ‎national development; and “zero-generation” students at higher education institutions. His writings appeared in periodicals such as The ‎Minnesota ‎Daily, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Orientalist Express, ‎MinnPost, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.‎ He is a contributing author with Psychology Today, writing about the promises and challenges of “zero-generation” students.


Ph.D. Student, Comparative and International Development Education, University of Minnesota (2022-2026)  

M.S.Ed., International Educational Development, University of Pennsylvania (2020-2022)

B.A., Psychology and Religious Studies, University of Miami (2016-2020)

Research Interests
  • Zero Generation Students at U.S. colleges and universities
  • International and National Development
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Islam and Modernity
  • Yemen  
Selected Publications

Bindamnan, A. (2022, November 30). Who Are the “Zero-Generation Students”? Psychology ‎‎Today. ‎

Bindamnan, A. (2022, November 22). Book Review of Schooling as uncertainty: an ethnographic memoir in comparative education. International Studies in Sociology of Education.

Bindamnan, A. (2022, November 20). Keys to success in graduate school. The Minnesota Daily.

Bindamnan, A., & Boru, L. (2022, November 11). Where are you really from? MinnPost.

Bindamnan, A. (2022, April 15). Some students, like me, come to the U.S. from war-torn areas. Few succeed. The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bindamnan, A. (2022, October 9). International Development in Yemen: Islam and Modernity. Orientalist Express.

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Bindamnan, A., & Ross, M. A. ‎(2021). The Effects of Trauma on Children’s Learning in Yemen.” Comparative and International Education Society Conference.