Middle East Film Festival

Five Degrees of Separation: A Dialogue on Middle East Cinema
Mar 23, 2021 at -

For those unable to attend, CLICK HERE FOR EVENT RECORDING

Take your seats, and hold onto your popcorn. Our much-loved Middle East Film Festival is going to look just a little different this year…

On Tuesday, March 23, MEC Productions proudly presents....

FIVE Countries...

FIVE Directors...

FIVE Degrees of Separation...

And ONE historic dialogue about the state of cinema in the Middle East


All five directors will reflect on the state of cinema in their respective countries in the time of Covid, as well as watch and comment on short clips of one another’s films.

HOMEWORK! (optional)

See the links below to watch a few of their full-length films before the event!

Iman Behrouzi - Love in Close-Up (2019) [password: 1727]
Hisham Bizri - SHOOQ aka THE WANDERER (2017)
Nadav Lapid - TBD
Tolga Ornek - Labirent (2011)
Sameh Zoabi - Tel Aviv on Fire [note: requires Amazon Prime Video]