The following is just a partial listing of multiple opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students. Government agencies, think-tanks, advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, human rights NGOs, and others are represented, and were selected on the basis of their offerings for students, recent graduates, and others interested in an international career or volunteering overseas. All work in some capacity with Middle East issues, but many are generalists in their international work.

Organizations with Middle East Related Internship Opportunities

The Brookings Institution (Saban Center for Middle East Policy; U.S. Relations with the Islamic World)

Council on Foreign Relations

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Carnegie Middle East Center in Lebanon; Middle East Program in DC)
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Middle East Program)
Center for Strategic and International Studies (Middle East Program; Transnational Threats Project) 
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Institute for Policy Studies (New Internationalism Project; Right Web)
American Enterprise Institute (Critical Threats Project; Islam and the Middle East; Middle East Studies)
Project on Middle East Democracy
Hudson Institute
New America Foundation (Intern with Senior Fellow Peter Beinart)
Henry L. Stimson Center (Middle East and Southwest Asia)
International Peace Institute (Middle East Program)
National Democratic Institute (Middle East and North Africa Division)

AmeriCares (Middle East Global Partnerships Department)
National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
Human Rights Watch (MENA Division)

Collateral Repair Project (MENA)

Middle East Forum 
Freedom House (MENA Program; Turkey Program)
Social Science Research Councils (Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum; MENA Program)
Vital Voices (MENA Program)

Atlantic Council (Rafik Hariri Center)
Chatham House (UK - Middle East and North Africa Programme)
SETA Foundation (Turkish Focus)
Turkish Coalition of America
The Jerusalem Fund
International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Institute for the Study of War 

The Middle East Institute