Mbarek Sryfi

Lecturer in Foreign LanguagesCoordinator of the Arabic Language Program

Mbarek Sryfi is lecturer and coordinator of the Arabic Program at the University of Pennsylvania, scholar, poet, and translator. He holds a MA in education, a BA in English language and literature, and a PhD in Arabic literature and Islamic studies, UPenn. Sryfi’s research focuses on modern Arabic literature, space and memory, and migrant literature. His works have appeared in CELAAN Review, Metamorphoses, World Literature Today, Banipal, Translation Review, Middle Eastern Literatures, the Journal of North African Studies, and Al-‘Arabiyya, The Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic, Poetry Ink Anthology, Poetry & Resistance Anthology, Philadelphia Says: Struggle for Freedom Anthology, and 2019 Featured Poets Anthology.

Selected Publications


  • A Conversation with Roger Allen, 05/10/2020روجر-ألن-ح%D9%90كايتي-العربية
  • Games and Stakes of Interculturality, Khatibi in English Vol. XVI, 2-3, Spring & Summer 2020

  • “The Genesis of the Moroccan Novel in Arabic: a Review of the Origins of the Modern Fusion of Mature Domestic and Imported Literary Forms.” The journal of North African studies. (2019): 1–23.

  • The Trace of a Smile, Moonstone Press Publishing, 2019.

  • "Mutual othering: Islam, modernity, and the politics of cross-cultural encounters in pre-colonial Moroccan and European travel writing," Middle Eastern Literatures (2019), 22:1, 61-63

  • The Blueness of the Evening. The University of Arkansas Press (2018).

  • The Elusive Fox, Syracuse University Press (2016).

  • Arabs and the Art of Storytelling - A Strange Familiarity, Syracuse University Press (2014).
  • Monarch of the Square- An Antology of Muhammad Zafzaf's Short Stories, Syracuse University Press (2014).
  • Co-translation of Hassan Najmi’s poetry with  Eric Sellin, (Metamorphoses a journal of literary translation, forthcoming Spring 2011)
  • Contribution to Perspectives - Arabic Language and Culture in Film (Alucen Learning, 2009)
  • Co-translation of Mohammad Zifzaf’s short stories with Roger Allen, (CELAAN, Summer 2008)