Juan Ibrahim Castrillon

Music PhD Student

This graduate student is available to deliver lectures to your K-12 classroom at no charge. All requests MUST be booked through the Middle East Center Speaker's Bureau

Juan's intellectual agenda focuses on analytics of listening and world-building practices in Anatolia, Turkey, and the Northwestern Amazon in Colombia. The experimental ethnography he develops is a performative response to contemporary debates in the humanities about critical theory of race and gender, object-oriented ontologies, audile worlds, and indigenous analytics of media. His creative and artistic practice fosters world-shifting, and the production of micro-atmospheric instantiations of light and affect. His audiovisual works have been shown in international film festivals in Istanbul, London, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Granada, and Copenhagen; and in academic conferences in Helsinki, Baltimore, Washington, Vienna, and Bogotá. Between 2014 and 2020 he participated as a lecturer and performer of Turkish Sufi Music for UPenn Middle East Center at multiple venues across Philadelphia. For more info visit middleear.net.